A California Probate Attorney’s Dream – Anna Nicole Smith Estate

What a probate mess in California!

With Anna Nicole Smith’s death last week, it is a field day for California probate, California estate and California tax attorneys. Since there is as much as $1.6 billion at stake, no one should be surprised. If only Smith had hired a qualified California estate planning attorney, the outcome might be very different.

This is no ordinary probate dispute in California or Texas.

Smith’s billionaire husband had a son who was in a pitched battle against Smith. That son recently died. So the California and Texas probate battle is now between Smith’s infant daughter and the surviving wife of Smith’s husband’s dead son. Smith’s daughter is also in the middle of an unrelated and separate paternity suit since who her father is remains unclear. That young girl’s father – whoever he is – stands to control millions and millions for her benefit.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. Disputes concerning how much Smith’s estate is entitled to – whether $89 million or some other amount – remain unresolved.

A qualified California lawyer should have been hired to plan for a better outcome insofar as the property located in California is concerned.

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