California Probate May Be Avoidable

Funding your California living trust with your property while you are alive results in the direct transfer to heirs and beneficiaries when you die without the time and expense of a probate proceeding.

There are times when people don’t include all of their property in their living trust before they die. When this happens, a simpler type of probate referred to as a Heggstad petition may be available for the California property left outside of the trust that should have been in the trust but for some reason wasn’t.

While a full probate proceeding in Los Angeles can take up to nine months and cost up to 6 percent of the full value of the property in the probate estate, a Heggstad petition can be completed in just a few short months and costs much less. Some probate attorneys erroneously refer to a Heggstad petition as a Hegsted, Hegstead or Heggstead petition.

California probate law says that if you die leaving property worth $100,000 or less, then the proper person may claim the property without using the and no probate lawyer is necessary.

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