California’s Cheap Off-The-Shelf-Wills

As a California probate lawyer in Los Angeles, I have seen time and again that do-it-yourself wills – cheap wills – “simple” wills – are a probate attorney’s dream. Over and over again I have seen the damage that self-written wills have done to well-intended people that bought stationary and tried to do it themselves. Instead of giving their money to their beneficiaries – the beneficiaries end up fighting over the vague terms of the document leading to an unnecessary loss to the estate. If you don’t believe me, read this article to find out more about the disputes that arise over off-the-shelf wills.

Avoid these mistakes by working with a qualified tax attorney to discuss your estate plan, that is, your living trust, pour-over will, durable power of attorney and advance health care directive. Call Los Angeles attorney Mitchell A. Port at 310.559.5259.