Choose The Right Executor

For California probate matters, picking the right person to serve as personal representative or executor can make a significant difference. The wrong person (including someone outside of California when the estate’s property is primarily in California) can blunder and convert what should be an uncontested estate into a quagmire of never-ending litigation. The right person can take a difficult situation and smoothly work through the issues with minimum fuss and expense to the benefit of all concerned.

In an article entitled Choose The Right Executor, Forbes thoroughly discussed each task the executor must assume when probating an estate. The importance of picking the right personal representative or executor is highlighted in the article. It begins by stating:

Most people know that they should have a will, but few individuals understand how important it is to select the right executor to help manage their affairs and distribute their assets to heirs upon their death. Picking the right executor will mean that loved ones will receive their inheritance on a timely basis. Picking the wrong one could lead to lengthy delays, tax problems and possibly even a “will contest.”

I recommend reading the entire piece.

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