Developments In The IRS Estate Tax Division

Estate tax audits continue to be scattered across the country. With the drop in the number of federal estate tax returns expected to be filed because of the increased filing threshold resulting from the provisions of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001, the IRS offered voluntary early retirement to many Estate and Gift tax employees across the nation.

A great deal of employees accepted the buy-out and thereby created a coverage problem for local audits. The workload nevertheless has to be handled.

Here is a list of estate tax managers and their contact numbers located throughout the U.S.:


Kym Taborn
Van Nuys, California (Covers Los Angeles)
818 756 4522
Janet Holman Oakland, California (Covers Oakland, Los Angeles, San Jose)
510 637 4557
Ralph Perez
New York 212 436 1114
Virginia Hunt
New York (Covers Albany, Syracuse, NYC)
212 436 1145
New York 212 436 1094
Patrick Leahy
New York City 212 436 1146
Stephen Gordon
New York City 212 436 1082
Thomas Fleming
Boston (Covers MA, ME, NH, VT)
617 316 2326
Richard Murray
Boston (Covers MA, CT)
617 316 2328
Louis Kaufman
(Covers PA, DE)
215 861 1585
Elliot Pleener
New Jersey (Covers NJ, MD, DC, VA)
973 993 7401
Trenton N.J.
(Covers International)

Elizabeth Williamson
NC (Covers NC, VA)
336 378 2873
Martin Horn
Nashville (Covers AR, GA, TN)
615 250 5573
George Dewey Jacksonville
Jacksonville (Covers SC, N&C. FL)
904 665 1300
Martin Basson Plantation
Plantation (Covers S. FL)
954 423 7232
Elaine McCarroll
Cleveland (Covers MI, Cleveland OH)
216 520 7170
Donald Grigsby
Cincinnati (Covers IN, KY, Roanoke, VA, OH)
513 263 4071
Frederick Herzog
New Orleans (Covers LA, OK, MS)
504 558 3245
James McMullen (Acting)Chicago
Chicago (Covers Chicago & Milwaukee)
312 566 2207
Jerry Voeller
St. Paul (Covers MN, CO, SD, MT, ID)
651 312 7757
Michelle Moser
Omaha (Covers KS, MO, NE, New Orleans)
402 221 3779
Lee Schwemer
Ft. Worth, TX (Covers Dallas, Ft. Worth, Lubbock)
817 759 2900 x 620
AZ, San Diego, Laguna Niguel
James Hammerstrom
WA (Covers WA, OR, HI)
425 468 6009
Kyle Martin
Oakland, CA (Covers UT, Denver, San Jose, Bakersfield)
510 637 4549
Toby Stewart
Houston (Covers NM, Houston, Austin)
713 209 4415
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