Do I Need A Living Trust?

The State Bar of California has a very informative website containing information specifically addressing the question of whether you should have a California estate attorney prepare a revocable trust, that is, a family trust to stay out of probate court.

The State Bar of California article asks these probate law related questions:

What Is a Living Trust?

What Can a Living Trust Do for Me?

Should Everyone Have a Living Trust?

How Does a Living Trust Help if I Am Incapacitated?

How Does a Living Trust Help at my Death?

Who Should Be the Trustee of My Living Trust?

What Are the Disadvantages of a Living Trust?

If I Have a Living Trust, Do I Still Need a Will?

Does a Living Trust Save Estate Taxes?

Does a Living Trust Pay Income Taxes?

What Other Estate Planning Documents Should I Have?

What Other Kinds of Trusts Are There?

How Do I Transfer Assets to My Living Trust?

Who Should Draft a Living Trust for Me?

How Do I Find a Qualified Lawyer?

Should I Beware of Someone Who Is a “Promoter” of Financial and Estate Planning Services?

How Much Does a Living Trust Cost?

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