Do I Need Estate Planning?

The California State Bar has a lengthy article concerning estate tax and California probate. A few of the topics covered in that site are described here.

What Is Estate Planning?

What Is Involved in Estate Planning?

Who Needs Estate Planning?

What Is Included in my Estate?

What Is a Revocable Living Trust?

What Is a Will?

What Is Probate?

How Should I Provide for My Minor Children?

To Whom Should I Leave My Assets?

Whom Should I Name as My Executor or Trustee?

How Does the Way in Which I Hold Title Make a Difference?

What Are Other Methods of Leaving Property?

When Does Estate Planning Involve Tax Planning?

What If I Become Unable to Care for Myself?

Who Should Help Me With My Estate Planning Documents?

Should I Beware of Someone Who Is a “Promoter” of Financial and Estate Planning Services?

What Are the Costs Involved In Estate Planning?

How Do I Find a Qualified Lawyer?

The Californian State Bar urges you to seek advice only from professionals who are qualified to give estate planning advice. Many professionals must be licensed by the State of California. Mitchell A. Port is a licensed attorney with a master’s degree in taxation who has been practicing law since 1982. You may reach him to discuss your estate tax and estate planning concerns at (310) 559-5259.