Estate Planning Questionnaire

For those of you who have read my earlier blog postings on California estate planning and want to know about some of the topics that may come up during an estate planning meeting with a Los Angeles tax attorney like me, I’ve attached a long questionnaire and a short questionnaire.

I almost never ask anyone to complete the long form before we meet. Many find it too cumbersome and I want to avoid providing people with a reason not to see me as their tax attorney. Instead, I provide the long form as a guideline for the kind of assets that may need to be put into your California living trust.

It is also a good way to inventory what you have so that your executor or trustee will have an easier time administering your estate.

Finally, it helps me to know roughly how large an estate and what types of property I am working with so I can bring all the tax planning resources I have to address effectively the federal estate tax issues raised by your estate.

Click on this link for the estate planning long form sample questionnaire: Download file

I have also provided a short form estate planning questionnaire which simply asks some of the questions most important to my clients. Those questions include who will serve as guardians of minor children and who will be the executors. Click on this link for the estate planning short form questionnaire: Download file