Living Wills

Sometimes probate attorneys in California will provide free forms just for the asking. One free form is the California Advance Health Care Directive found in the Probate Code under Sections 4700-4701. The Advance Health Care Directive used to be known as a living will, a pull-the-plug form, a right-to-die form, DNR, and the end of life form.

The form is free at this link.

Other articles in this blog have dealt with related issues such as the use of the Directive for Older Adults With Diminished Capacity, estate planning through the use of Wills, Living Trusts, Powers Of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Revocation Of California’s Advance Health Care Directive, and finally the oft asked-about topic concerning Advance Health Care Directive For Your Child.

This and other estate planning topics ought to be discussed with your California estate planning attorney.