Los Angeles Probate Volunteer Panel

What’s a PVP attorney? He or she is a lawyer on a panel of attorneys who register with the Los Angeles Superior Court to assist with resolving various probate proceedings. The PVP panel consists of attorneys who the court appoints in probate and family law matters, including conservatorships, guardianships and related proceedings.

Probate Volunteer Panel attorneys are appointed to represent persons, as required by law, in the following types of proceedings:



Petitions filed pursuant to Probate Code section 3100 et seq. for a particular transaction

Petitions for Capacity Determinations for Adults Without Conservators brought pursuant to Probate Code section 3200 et seq.

Proceedings to establish special needs trusts brought pursuant to Probate Code section 3600 et seq.

Tuberculosis Detention proceedings pursuant to Welfare and Institution Code section 12365 et seq.

Panel attorneys may also be appointed as counsel, guardians ad litem, referees, special masters, court experts or fiduciaries as may be mandated or appropriate under the circumstances.

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