Medical Power Of Attorney

The Office of the Attorney General, State of California, has a free medical power of attorney, also known as the advance health care directive, available just by clicking here.

No need for a California estate attorney to prepare the power of attorney – if that is all you want done – since the one for free is simple to use.

The California Attorney General’s website recommends that you:

Designate Person To Carry Out Wishes. Select who should handle your health care choices and discuss the matter with them. You could name a spouse, relative or other agent.

Inform Key People Of Your Preferences. Notify your doctor, family and close friends about your end-of-life preferences. Keep a copy of your signed and completed advance health care directive safe and accessible. This will help ensure that your wishes will be known at the critical time and carried out.

Give a copy of your form to:

The person you appoint as your agent and any alternate designated agents

Your physician

Your health care providers

The health care institution that is providing your care

Family members

Other responsible person who is likely to be called if there is a medical emergency

For answers to questions about the California advance health care directive and other estate planning matters, call a Los Angeles tax attorney: call Mitchell A. Port at (310) 559-5259.