New Law Makes Bequests For Animal Care Enforceable In California

Hot news: Schwarzenegger signed a bill recently issued from the California legislature to protect pet trusts. Other blog posts on this topic include: “Estate Planning For Pets” from June 20, 2008, “California Estate Planning And Your Pets” from April 16, 2008, “No Kidding – A California Trust For Your Pet” from December 17, 2007
Under such trusts, a trustee pays a caretaker to ensure that the pets are housed, fed and otherwise maintained. Pet owners have to account for their pets during estate planning or the animal may not be cared for.

California Senate Bill 685 removes the discretion of trustees in fulfilling the trust. It also allows courts to appoint a caregiver if the trustee does not wish to arrange for the pet care.

You may see the full Los Angeles Times article on this subject.

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