Questions About California’s Probate Process

California court employees throughout the Superior Court system are available to help, but are not allowed by law to give legal advice. You are encouraged to discuss any further questions with an attorney.

Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers) about California probate and guardianship:

Where can I check if a probate action has been filed?

How do I get an attorney?

How do I get legal advice?

Does the Court provide a list of probated property?

Where is the list for probate properties that are for sale?

My case was taken off-calendar, do I have to file a new petition?

My case was denied without prejudice, what do I have to do to put it back before the court?

What if the Court lost an original of a filed document?

How can I terminate a guardianship or conservatorship?

How can I get money from a blocked account for a minor?

How can I get guardianship of my grandchildren?

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